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Here we provide excellent care as if your four-legged best friend is at home away from home! I am Aly and I have a degree in biology and have taken care of fluffy dogs since 2010. I started off this business when I realized the struggles of going on vacation and having to worry and stress about leaving your dog behind and knowing that they will be in a cage all day, unattended, and without proper love and care. I currently have two four-legged family members of our own Cosita, a chihuahua, and Minnie, a yorkie. I previously had a poodle, Scooby Doo, that we all terribly miss as he was part of our family for 15 years.

One day, I had to leave Cosita and Scooby at a dog boarding facility that was very expensive as it had private rooms for the dogs and each day was one-hundred dollars. I didn't mind the price since I did not want to leave them in a small cage that they are not used to, but I couldn't believe my eyes when I received them back 3 days after. They were skinny, sick, and throwing up. I wouldn't want anyone going through such a terrible experience.


I treat each and every dog as if they were my own giving each their personalized treatment. We always ask owners how are they treated at home with details regarding when they eat, bathroom times, and specific rules that some dogs may have, and we follow those instructions so that the dogs, when given back to you, have continued their daily schedule as if they were home!

They will always be indoors in my own house cage-free and able to roam around freely. They will all have occasional bathroom breaks in my backyard which is completely fenced and grass-free, so that there are no risks of ticks or fleas during your pet's visit. If your dog is accustomed to daily walks we will gladly provide that! There will always be someone in the house at all times whether it is me, Gloria, or Frank.

We want it to be a personalized experience for every dog, so that they always get the attention they need. Hope to see your fluffy one soon!

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